About Us

Brief History

It was established in January 2000 by the name of “Sahyadri Laboratory and Haematology Centre” (SLHC) providing speciality haematology lab and clinical services. It was the first center of its kind in Pune, providing comprehensive haematology services.

With the growth of “Sahyadri Group”, the laboratory services quickly expanded with development of all routine and special tests.

Today Sahyadri Speciality Labs (SSL) is a chain of labs providing laboratory diagnostic services to Sahyadri group of hospitals in Maharashtra.

The laboratory has a distinct and prominent name in the city of Pune and across the state & country for its speciality and quality services. We use state of the art equipment and follow all international guidelines in generating a quality report. The lab runs 24 x 7 with the help of qualified technicians and a team of highly qualified, reputed & dedicated consultants.

The Main Lab Pune has been granted accreditation by NABL since 2012. SSL Nagar Road has also been granted accreditation by NABL since 2014. Subsequently the accreditation has been renewed till 2019.

Processing Units

  •  Sahyadri Speciality Labs, Main Lab
  •  Sahyadri Speciality Labs, Nagar Road
  •  Sahyadri Speciality Labs, Karad
  •  Sahyadri Speciality Labs, Nashik


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Maithili Kavathekar Director Laboratory Services and Sr. Consultant Microbiologist & Infection Control
1 Dr. Rajesh Phatale Sr. Consultant Pathologist
3 Dr. Rashmi Parikh Consultant Histopathologist
4 Dr. Sarita Agrawal Consultant Biochemist
5 Dr. Shital Joshi Consultant Pathologist
6 Dr. Rupa Sharma Sr. Consultant Pathologist - SSL Nagar Road
7 Dr. Nimmie Marak Consultant Pathologist - SSL Hadapsar


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Sarika Sikchi Consultant Microbiologist
2 Dr. Tanaji Kakade Consultant Pathologist


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Bharat Joshi Sr. Consultant Pathologist
2 Dr. Rupali Mali Consultant Microbiologist