1. Home Collection facility in Pune

    For those who cannot come to our lab or collection center, we have the facility of home visits wherein your blood is collected by qualified phlebotomist in a scientific way. You can call the following nos. for this service

    • 7875 161616 / 967 333 8194
    • 020 67215100
  2. Sample Pickup

    We have an effective network of courier boys who provide sample pick-up and report delivery services for clients in and around Pune city. Hence, most of the routine and specialized test results are available within a matter of hours.

    All samples are transported at the required temperature in specially made bags.

  3. Electronic Transfer of Reports by way of email & Web Reporting service

    For those on the move, we provide reports through emails & webmail.

    We have provided the web reporting facility to all our client hospitals & collection centers, through the following link:

  4. Software Support

    All the processing units and collections centers are supported by LIS, allowing connectivity between all the centres. All the major instruments have bi-directional interface to LIS, minimizing data entry errors. Verified reports are immediately accessible through web to all the centers reducing Turn Around Time (TAT) of reports.

  5. Clinical Trials

    SSL being a NABL Accredited lab provides lab support for various clinical trials.