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By using this Website, you i.e. the reader, user of this Website or whosoever accesses this website represents that you have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of use of this website and/or any other policies, guidelines, rules including any amendments thereto (collectively referred to as "Terms of Use"). These Terms of Use set out the legally binding terms with respect to your access and use of the Website and our provision of the Services (as defined below).


Please read these Terms of Use carefully. Your access to this Website and/or use of any of the Services constitutes your acceptance to all the Terms of Use.



“Terms and Conditions” or “Terms of Use” means standard terms and conditions mentioned hereunder for use of this Website including any other policies, guidelines, rules including any amendments thereto.

“Company” means Sahyadri Hospitals Limited.

“Customer” or “Client” means the reader of these Terms and Conditions, the user of this Website or whosoever accesses this website and/or availing its online services.



1.1 By availing a Service hereunder, the Customer accepts these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time and it is the Customer’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions prior to availing any Services for any amendments and/or alterations.

1.2 All services availed by a Customer shall be subject to availability and shall be at Company’s discretion.

1.3 In order to avail smooth Services, the Customer shall submit to the Company its full name, address, telephone and other details as may be required by the Website and giving of such information is subject to Company’s Privacy Policy for information gathering and its dissemination.

1.4 The online order placed by the Customer will be presumed to have been confirmed only upon written confirmation/acceptance by the Company though website or by e-mail.

1.5 The Company will attempt to deliver the Services to the Customer within 8 days after the date of payment. The Company will not be in breach of these Conditions or have any liability whatsoever for failing to deliver the Services to the Customer within reasonable time.

1.6 Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by the Company, these Terms and Conditions shall constitute a contract between the Company and the Customer for the sale of any of the Services and shall prevail over any previous contracts between the Company and the Customer.



2.1 The prices of or consideration for the Services shall be as per the Schedule of Charges of the Company as amended from time to time and which is in force at the time of availing the Services and are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Company without prior notice.

2.3 All Prices quoted are inclusive of all taxes or charges which the Customer shall pay for the services.




3.1 The Customer hereby agrees to make necessary payment to the Company by way of credit card/debit card /Net banking (India only) or any other recognised banking mode acceptable to the Company.

3.2 In case of Home Visit/ Home Delivery, the Customer will be liable to pay the conveyance charges as per Schedule of Charges.

3.3 The Customer will have to download online report for the tests done by logging into the system and uploading of such online report from the Website will be treated as sufficient delivery of Services by the Company and it would be the sole responsibility of the Customer to download such report within time. The online report will be available in the system for reasonable time after which the Company reserves the right to remove them from the system.



4.1 If for some reason, the customer wants to cancel any order, the same can be cancelled before the sample collection. Once the sample is collected, the order cannot be cancelled and the Company shall be under no obligation to accept amendments or cancellation of any order or any part thereof and shall not be liable to refund any amount to the Customer, due to cancellation. However, the Company, at its sole discretion, may refund the amount paid by the Customer for any valid cancelations.

4.2 The Company shall be entitled to cancel any orders/contract(s) with the Customer or services, orders made by the Customer (subject to refunding the Price previously paid by the Customer) without penalty at any time by giving written notice to the Customer.

4.3 Where a sample given by the Customer is spoilt due to any reason or is not capable of testing for any reason, then the Company will contact the Customer and get another sample at no additional charges to the Customer and the Customer hereby agrees to give such sample without any condition or claims on the Company. In such cases, the Customer cannot make the Company liable for any delay or further consequences.

4.4. In case of home collection of sample(s), the Customer shall make himself/herself available at the place of collection as per the agreed time and place recorded by him/her. If the Company person visits home and the patient is not available at the given time, then the order/contract cannot be cancelled and Company shall not be liable for any refund in such case. The Company person will revisit, if the Customer pays visit charges.



5.1 The information, opinion, statistics, FAQs etc. contained on this Website is for informational purpose only and should not be relied upon or construed as any advice. The Company accepts no responsibility for and excludes all liability for damage and loss in connection with the use of the Service and/or the information contained on this Website. The Company can give no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, currency or applicability of any of the information.

5.2 Any claim by the Customer which is based on any non-performance of the Services shall be notified to the Company in writing within [10] days from the date of delivery of the Services. If the Customer omits to notify the Company in accordance with this Condition the Company shall have no liability for such non-performance.



6.1 Notwithstanding anything contained in these Terms and Conditions to the contrary, the liability of the Company under these Terms and Conditions (whether by reason of breach of contract, tort, delict or otherwise) shall be limited to the Price paid by the Customer for the relevant Services.

6.2 In no event shall the Company be liable for any indirect damages including but not limited to, damages for loss of business or revenue, loss of goodwill or other damages consequential upon the same.



7.1 The Company may defer or suspend the performance of the contract and or treat these Conditions as determined if the Customer:

- breaches any of these Conditions;

- undergoes insolvency proceedings of any nature or enters into any arrangement with its creditors.

7.2 Termination for whatever reason shall not affect the rights and remedies accrued by the parties as at the date of such termination or any rights or obligations which due to the nature thereof are intended to survive termination.



8.1 If the Company has caused delay or is prevented from delivering the Services due to any circumstances beyond its control, the Company may cancel or suspend the contract without any notice and liability.

8.2 These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of India. The Customer hereby submits itself to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Pune, India.

8.3 If any provision of these Conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected.

8.4 Failure or omission by the Company to enforce strict compliance with these Conditions by the Customer shall not constitute a waiver of any of these Conditions.

8.5 Notices must be in writing to the Company’s or the Customer’s registered/recorded address and shall be deemed delivered on the first working day after sending by hand or (subject to confirmation of the transmission) by telex or facsimile and on the day of delivery if sent by first class post to the Company’s or the Customer’s registered/recorded address.

Please also read the Privacy and Security Policy given on this Website for more details.